16 Free Sample Accounting Consultant Resumes

Accounting Consultants are generally arrange and safeguard a client’s financial portfolio by preparing, reconciling,  analyzing, interpreting, storing, and communicating the implications of various financial statements. To become an accounting Consultant, one needs to possess a minimum of university degree in accounting related subject, professional certificate in accounting field, and a valid business license. These professionals… Read More »

16 Free Sample Accounting Director Resumes

Accounting Directors are the professional responsible for taking care of the general accounts of an organization. They prepare the financial reports at different intervals and provide financial services like credit, A/R, A/P. Almost all kind of organizations of any sizes need services of these professionals, no matter it is an insurance company, financial services provider… Read More »

16 Free Sample Real Estate Attorney Resumes

A Real Estate Attorney is involved in all transactions of property under any organization or (real estate) agency. They oversee and deal all legal issues of the property, such as deeds, transfer of (ownership and) titles, mortgage, zoning, etc. These professionals handle all real estate sales and purchases, and make sure the compliance with current… Read More »

16 Free Sample Executive Secretary Resumes

To become an Executive Secretary, you need to be high professional and well organized to maintain the executive bodies’ schedules and support their business by performing various administrative tasks. Time management is the main skill they need to hold in order to accomplish multi-tasking at a time. Executive Secretary is a main responsible person with… Read More »

16 Free Sample File Clerk Resumes

File Clerks usually work in file management and maintenance within an organization. These professionals are responsible for an organized and efficient paperwork and filing system, and digitalize all important documents at the same time. File Clerks are expected to keep the files and documents up-to-date, easily accessible to the authorized people, and protect the important… Read More »

16 Free Sample Accounting Clerk Resumes

Accounting Clerks are usually unique because they in turn play very important roles in every organization. Usually they act as ‘cushions’ for the higher authorities to relax on as well as focus on other issues that encumber an organization. They prepare vendor invoices and expense bills of the organization. Their duty is to make sure… Read More »

16 Free Sample General Office Clerk Resume

The General Office Clerk Resume is similar to that of the File Clerk. For the General Office Clerk, the duties are of a broader scope. They perform a large variety of duties in general office, and some of those may consist of answering the telephone calls, directing calls, taking and distributing messages, scheduling and organizing… Read More »

16 Free Sample Inventory Control Specialist Resumes

Inventory Control Specialists are responsible for managing all resources of a product or organization. If you want to become Inventory Control Specialists, you first need to conclude if your skills and expertise are well-matched with the position. These professionals need to be highly organized and able to manage employer’s inventory in more effective manner. Their… Read More »

16 Free Sample Mail Room Supervisor Resume

Different jobs and posts require different kinds of resumes. A Mail Room Supervisor Resume needs to have organizational skills and supervisory skills. These professionals need to have good people skills too. Keeping all this in mind, it is essential to keep a Mail Room Supervisor Resume well organized. In both big and small organizations, various… Read More »

16 Free Sample Office Manager Resume

The job of an Office Manager is by no means easy. Office Managers are needed in every office. They conduct the day to day business of the office. To be an Office Manager, you need to have management skills. To write a good Office Manager Resume, you need to list down the skills specific to… Read More »

16 Free Sample Data Entry Clerk Resume

The job of a Data Entry Clerk is updating the company database and inputting any new information regarding markets, suppliers, and customers. If you are looking for employment as a Data Entry Clerk, your resume has to be specific about the experience you have and your skill set regarding the designation. A Data Entry Clerk… Read More »

16 Free Sample Data Entry Operator Resume

The job of a Data Entry Operator is simple and straight cut. Therefore, a Data Entry Operator Resume should be attractive so that it catches the eye of a prospective employer. If it is written well, it should be able to get you at least an interview. To capitalize on that interview is up to… Read More »

16 Free Sample Data Entry Specialist Resume

Data Entry Specialists enter information in the database of a company. They are also supposed to use different software. This may include anything from customer information to patient records, depending on the nature of their job. A Data Entry Specialist is supposed to collect information from different sources and input it in the electronic database… Read More »

16 Free Sample Advertising Coordinator Resumes

The job of an Advertising Coordinator is to prepare and deliver sales presentations and sell advertising campaigns. Their job also involves telling customers how advertising helps promote a product or a service. Effectively selling a product hangs on the right kind of advertising. It is the job of the advertising executive to educate customers about… Read More »

16 Free Sample Associate Analyst Resumes

The job of an Associate Analyst is to look after the day to day operations of a business or an organization. Associate Analysts also work with senior associates and provide business solutions and models to increase company’s profit. It is basically a position at the junior level. Associate Analysts can work in fields like human… Read More »

16 Free Sample SAP Security Analyst Resumes

The SAP Security Analyst field is very competitive and a SAP Security Analyst Resume has to be a very good one for you to have an edge over other candidates. The job of a SAP Security Analyst is to design MIS for users and to maintain accounts of users. If there are security breaches, a… Read More »

16 Free Sample Banking Executive Resumes

A Banking Executive is someone who handles banking customers who are privileged, balances the profitability and the liquidity of the bank. To be a successful Banking Executive, you must have good analytical skills and be good in decision making. The best format to follow to write a Banking Executive Resume is a chronological resume format.… Read More »

16 Free Sample Banking Loan Officer Resumes

A Banking Loan Officer works in the financial sector. They help personal and commercial clients with their loan applications, modifications, and approvals. Your Banking Loan Officer Resume is your way of getting a foot in the door. A Banking Loan Officer Resume should be such that prospective employers want to interview you. A Banking Loan… Read More »

16 Free Sample Comedian Resumes

It is not an easy job being a comedian. Sure, comedians make it look effortless. But, only they know how much hard work goes into a career in comedy. Comedy is also a business after all. If you understand the way it works, you can crack it. Here, we are going to take a look… Read More »

16 Free Sample Commercial Artist Resume

The job of a Commercial Artist is to provide artistic works and designs primarily to advertising firms. They also work for media houses. They are artists with a deep understanding of the business aspect of the arts. It is a niche profession and not all artists can be successful Commercial Artists. The key is to… Read More »

16 Free Sample Chief Architect Resume

When applying for a senior level position such as the Chief Architect in an organization, the Chief Architect Resume should market your skills and experience in front of the employer and get their attention. It’s easier to shortlist candidates on the basis of the information they provide in the resume. A Chief Architect’s Resume is… Read More »

16 Free Sample Database Architect Resume

Database Architect (also called DBA) covers all kind of duties related to database of an organization including designing, development, production support, performance tuning, report writing, and many more. Though these professionals are not directly involved in daily routine functions of the database, but they design and develop large complicated database systems and provide all solutions… Read More »

16 Free Sample Dental Hygienist Resume

Dental Hygienists work closely with dentals and dental assistants, so their job duties are also similar to those. They offer their services to promote dental health of general public, and perform procedures in compliance with the dental practice. Mostly Dental Hygienists work in private (or mixed) practices, but perform specialist practices within large hospitals. Generally… Read More »

16 Free Sample Dental Manager Resume

A Dental Manager covers all administrative responsibilities coming under a dental office (clinics, dental healthcare centers, hospitals or other practices). These professionals handle overall duties of finance (i.e. budget and expenses), and payroll of the dental staff. They coordinate the marketing activities and arrange staff meetings at different intervals. They also perform day to day… Read More »

16 Free Sample Art Administrator Resumes

The highest level of competition that a person can face is in the arts industry. It is quite tough to get a job related to art. However, with flawless resume, you might be able to impress the jury members and get the desired position. A job for Art Administrator is always followed by certain duties… Read More »

16 Free Sample Insurance Assistant Resumes

The position of assistant is usually assigned to the candidates that do not have much of work experience. Getting a foot in the door is the call of the day. Discussed below are some guidelines for writing an Insurance Assistant Resume. In an Insurance Assistant Resume one must include education, experience (if any), training, and… Read More »

16 Free Sample Property Administrator Resumes

A Property Administrator looks after operations of a property development business. They need to be involved in the operations throughout the property development process. The job of a Property Administrator is to acquire new properties and selling of the properties held by the company. Maintenance of these properties and looking after their security is also… Read More »

16 Free Sample Medical Assistant Resumes

Medical Assistants work in the healthcare industry. Their job primarily is to help patients clinically and administratively. Medical Assistants typically work in clinics, hospitals, and medical offices. They are supposed to work closely with doctors, specialists, and physicians. In clinics and offices, the job responsibilities of a Medical Assistant could be administrative including the management… Read More »

16 Free Sample Assistant Project Manager Resumes

The job of an Assistant Project Manager is to assist a project manager with different aspects of a project. They should help project manager’s plans, implement, and complete an assigned project. All tasks related to a project are the job of an Assistant Project Manager. The job of an Assistant Project Manager is in the… Read More »