16 Free Sample Comedian Resumes

It is not an easy job being a comedian. Sure, comedians make it look effortless. But, only they know how much hard work goes into a career in comedy. Comedy is also a business after all. If you understand the way it works, you can crack it. Here, we are going to take a look… Read More »

16 Free Sample Commercial Artist Resume

The job of a Commercial Artist is to provide artistic works and designs primarily to advertising firms. They also work for media houses. They are artists with a deep understanding of the business aspect of the arts. It is a niche profession and not all artists can be successful Commercial Artists. The key is to… Read More »

16 Free Sample Chief Architect Resume

When applying for a senior level position such as the Chief Architect in an organization, the Chief Architect Resume should market your skills and experience in front of the employer and get their attention. It’s easier to shortlist candidates on the basis of the information they provide in the resume. A Chief Architect’s Resume is… Read More »

16 Free Sample Database Architect Resume

Database Architect (also called DBA) covers all kind of duties related to database of an organization including designing, development, production support, performance tuning, report writing, and many more. Though these professionals are not directly involved in daily routine functions of the database, but they design and develop large complicated database systems and provide all solutions… Read More »

16 Free Sample Dental Hygienist Resume

Dental Hygienists work closely with dentals and dental assistants, so their job duties are also similar to those. They offer their services to promote dental health of general public, and perform procedures in compliance with the dental practice. Mostly Dental Hygienists work in private (or mixed) practices, but perform specialist practices within large hospitals. Generally… Read More »

16 Free Sample Dental Manager Resume

A Dental Manager covers all administrative responsibilities coming under a dental office (clinics, dental healthcare centers, hospitals or other practices). These professionals handle overall duties of finance (i.e. budget and expenses), and payroll of the dental staff. They coordinate the marketing activities and arrange staff meetings at different intervals. They also perform day to day… Read More »

16 Free Sample Art Administrator Resumes

The highest level of competition that a person can face is in the arts industry. It is quite tough to get a job related to art. However, with flawless resume, you might be able to impress the jury members and get the desired position. A job for Art Administrator is always followed by certain duties… Read More »

16 Free Sample Insurance Assistant Resumes

The position of assistant is usually assigned to the candidates that do not have much of work experience. Getting a foot in the door is the call of the day. Discussed below are some guidelines for writing an Insurance Assistant Resume. In an Insurance Assistant Resume one must include education, experience (if any), training, and… Read More »

16 Free Sample Property Administrator Resumes

A Property Administrator looks after operations of a property development business. They need to be involved in the operations throughout the property development process. The job of a Property Administrator is to acquire new properties and selling of the properties held by the company. Maintenance of these properties and looking after their security is also… Read More »

16 Free Sample Medical Assistant Resumes

Medical Assistants work in the healthcare industry. Their job primarily is to help patients clinically and administratively. Medical Assistants typically work in clinics, hospitals, and medical offices. They are supposed to work closely with doctors, specialists, and physicians. In clinics and offices, the job responsibilities of a Medical Assistant could be administrative including the management… Read More »

16 Free Sample Assistant Project Manager Resumes

The job of an Assistant Project Manager is to assist a project manager with different aspects of a project. They should help project manager’s plans, implement, and complete an assigned project. All tasks related to a project are the job of an Assistant Project Manager. The job of an Assistant Project Manager is in the… Read More »

16 Free Sample Network Administrator Resumes

Network Administrators work in the information technology department of offices and companies. They work with computer networks in software and hardware. Their main job is to provide support for both hardware and software issues. Often, however, more is required of them. A Network Administrator Resume should focus on technical qualifications and skills. The first section… Read More »

16 Free Sample University Administrator Resumes

A University Administrator is someone who is able to handle the supervision and administration of a university and the academic circle. You need high level academic and professional excellence for this job. Past experience as an academic administrator is highly desirable for a University Administrator position. All these factors should be clear about the candidate… Read More »

16 Free Sample School Administrator Resumes

A School Administrator is typically a principal in a private school or a superintendent in a local school board. The nature of work will depend on the school that they are employed in. They may work for the federal or the state government, as the case may be. Coordinating between students and staff members is… Read More »

16 Free Sample Hospital Administrator Resumes

A Hospital Administrator is typically an administrator who works in a hospital. The nature of the work depends on the size of the hospital. However, some tasks remain the same across the healthcare industry. Nursing, surgery, and internal medicine are some areas where Hospital Administrators work. The sphere of their work also includes information system,… Read More »

16 Free Sample Medical Insurance Agent Resumes

A Medical Insurance Agent works independently and sometimes for insurance companies. They sell health, life, and disability insurance. They detect prospective clients, promote insurance options, determine the financial situation of clients and their needs, and develop protection plans. They get training for the job while on the job. A Medical Insurance Agent Resume should have all… Read More »

16 Free Sample Purchase Agent Resumes

Purchase Agents are professionals who buy materials and products needed in the efficient day to day running of a company. This job role includes scheduling purchases, taking orders, fixing the ETA for products and materials, and negotiating prices. As a Purchase Agent, you should also be able to attend trend shows and liaise with suppliers.… Read More »

16 Free Sample Sales Agent Resumes

Sales Agent is usually the face of a manufacturing, advertising, pharmaceutical, automotive, or real estate company. Sales Agents also have a role to play in the service industry. The duty of a Sales Agent is to help companies sell their products or services within a given territory. Products change from company to company but the… Read More »

16 Free Sample Real Estate Agent Resumes

First you have to ask yourself what is a resume and what it entails. A resume is a document containing your education, work experience skills achievements and credentials. It should be concise and in form of bullets. A resume should be one page or more but should not exceed two pages. At this technological world… Read More »

16 Free Sample Security Clearance Agent Resumes

A Security Clearance Agent has tasks of maintaining, monitoring or protecting information of particular premise, people, and property which may be public, private, commercial or industrial. They use detection and prevention methods. They can also offer customer service and lifesaving situation. Before writing Security Clearance Agent Resume, it is wise to review relevant samples at… Read More »

16 Free Sample Cargo Agent Resumes

A Cargo Agent is usually a professional who deals with logistics. Sales agents work in transportation and distribution companies. They handle shipments that come in and go out from and to other countries. As a Cargo Agent, you will be expected to work closely with clients to understand what kind of products are to be… Read More »

16 Free Sample Technology Analyst Resumes

Technology Analysts work in the information technology department of offices and companies. They also work with telecommunication systems. Their main duty is to provide support for both hardware and software. Technical duties like installing, repairing, and maintaining of PCs, phone systems, equipment, and computer peripherals are all a part of a Technology Analyst’s job. The… Read More »

16 Free Sample Research Operation Analyst Resumes

A Research Operation Analyst is a professional responsible for assessing the operation system to analyze and solve any business problems in an organization. They are liable to formulate and apply mathematical modeling and other optimizing methods. They work on computers to develop and interpret information that is helpful to higher management in their managerial responsibilities,… Read More »

16 Free Sample Treasury Analyst Resumes

Treasury Analyst is a professional who ensures smooth cash flow in an organization and also manages other financial activities. A Treasury Analyst provides financial support to organizations and businesses. Some responsibilities they engage in include supervising investment income, managing cash flow and asset and overseeing financial aspects. They can also perform the task of budgeting,… Read More »

16 Free Sample Quantitative Analyst Resumes

Commonly known as a Quant, a Quantitative Analyst is someone who uses mathematical models to solve financial problems. These models will mostly depend on statistical data and will be computer generated. For example, if you have seen a loan amortization schedule, it was probably prepared by a Quant. They are also very crucial in determining… Read More »

16 Free Sample Enterprise Data Architect Resumes

An Enterprise Data Architect can be broadly defined as someone who is responsible for making sure that the organization’s mission, vision, strategies and processes are aligned to its IT goals. Enterprise Data Architects build some complex architectural systems which support the organization’s goals in the most efficient way possible. They are also responsible for making… Read More »

16 Free Sample SAP Architect Resumes

SAP Architects are the professionals who are experienced in software programming, SAP technology, SAP applications, etc. Eligible candidates must hold Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in relevant architectural fields, such as software or Computer Science engineering. A well developed SAP Architect Resume stresses out assets like programming skills, analytical thinking, problem solving orientation and creativity. In… Read More »

16 Free Sample Data Analyst Resumes

A Data Analyst is a profession in which one identifies the current trends and collects numerical information after that compiles and presents the results. They find out how data can be used to answer questions and solve problems. Data Analysts work in cooperation with the IT team, management, and data scientists and determine the organizational… Read More »

16 Free Sample Junior Architect Resumes

Usually assistant positions are assigned to the candidates with no or less work experience as it is an entry level position. Getting a foot in the door is the call of the day. A Junior Architect works in coordination with a senior architect under their supervision and guidance, and they are responsible to report their… Read More »

16 Free Sample Landscape Architect Resumes

The job of a Landscape Architect is to design and transform an open space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing unit of space. A Landscape Architect is expected to discuss projects and their requirements with clients, present proposals, inspect sites, coordinate with suppliers and contractors, and ensure that deadlines for the project are met. Ideally,… Read More »