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16 Free Sample Medical Insurance Agent Resumes

A Medical Insurance Agent works independently and sometimes for insurance companies. They sell health, life, and disability insurance. They detect prospective clients, promote insurance options, determine the financial situation of clients and their needs, and develop protection plans. They get training for the job while on the job. A Medical Insurance Agent Resume should have all… Read More »

16 Free Sample Purchase Agent Resumes

Purchase Agents are professionals who buy materials and products needed in the efficient day to day running of a company. This job role includes scheduling purchases, taking orders, fixing the ETA for products and materials, and negotiating prices. As a Purchase Agent, you should also be able to attend trend shows and liaise with suppliers.… Read More »

16 Free Sample Sales Agent Resumes

Sales Agent is usually the face of a manufacturing, advertising, pharmaceutical, automotive, or real estate company. Sales Agents also have a role to play in the service industry. The duty of a Sales Agent is to help companies sell their products or services within a given territory. Products change from company to company but the… Read More »

16 Free Sample Real Estate Agent Resumes

First you have to ask yourself what is a resume and what it entails. A resume is a document containing your education, work experience skills achievements and credentials. It should be concise and in form of bullets. A resume should be one page or more but should not exceed two pages. At this technological world… Read More »

16 Free Sample Security Clearance Agent Resumes

A Security Clearance Agent has tasks of maintaining, monitoring or protecting information of particular premise, people, and property which may be public, private, commercial or industrial. They use detection and prevention methods. They can also offer customer service and lifesaving situation. Before writing Security Clearance Agent Resume, it is wise to review relevant samples at… Read More »

16 Free Sample Cargo Agent Resumes

A Cargo Agent is usually a professional who deals with logistics. Sales agents work in transportation and distribution companies. They handle shipments that come in and go out from and to other countries. As a Cargo Agent, you will be expected to work closely with clients to understand what kind of products are to be… Read More »

16 Free Sample Technology Analyst Resumes

Technology Analysts work in the information technology department of offices and companies. They also work with telecommunication systems. Their main duty is to provide support for both hardware and software. Technical duties like installing, repairing, and maintaining of PCs, phone systems, equipment, and computer peripherals are all a part of a Technology Analyst’s job. The… Read More »