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16 Free Sample Chief Architect Resume

When applying for a senior level position such as the Chief Architect in an organization, the Chief Architect Resume should market your skills and experience in front of the employer and get their attention. It’s easier to shortlist candidates on the basis of the information they provide in the resume. A Chief Architect’s Resume is… Read More »

16 Free Sample Database Architect Resume

Database Architect (also called DBA) covers all kind of duties related to database of an organization including designing, development, production support, performance tuning, report writing, and many more. Though these professionals are not directly involved in daily routine functions of the database, but they design and develop large complicated database systems and provide all solutions… Read More »

16 Free Sample Enterprise Data Architect Resumes

An Enterprise Data Architect can be broadly defined as someone who is responsible for making sure that the organization’s mission, vision, strategies and processes are aligned to its IT goals. Enterprise Data Architects build some complex architectural systems which support the organization’s goals in the most efficient way possible. They are also responsible for making… Read More »

16 Free Sample SAP Architect Resumes

SAP Architects are the professionals who are experienced in software programming, SAP technology, SAP applications, etc. Eligible candidates must hold Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in relevant architectural fields, such as software or Computer Science engineering. A well developed SAP Architect Resume stresses out assets like programming skills, analytical thinking, problem solving orientation and creativity. In… Read More »

16 Free Sample Junior Architect Resumes

Usually assistant positions are assigned to the candidates with no or less work experience as it is an entry level position. Getting a foot in the door is the call of the day. A Junior Architect works in coordination with a senior architect under their supervision and guidance, and they are responsible to report their… Read More »

16 Free Sample Landscape Architect Resumes

The job of a Landscape Architect is to design and transform an open space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing unit of space. A Landscape Architect is expected to discuss projects and their requirements with clients, present proposals, inspect sites, coordinate with suppliers and contractors, and ensure that deadlines for the project are met. Ideally,… Read More »

16 Free Sample Security Architect Resumes

A Security Architect or Application Security Architect is responsible for building computer security applications. They assess web application security for clients, both for their external and internal applications. This is done based on CVE, OWASP, NIST, and WASC methods. It also needs to be PCI-DSS compliant. Security Architects also perform vulnerability and penetration testing assessments… Read More »

16 Free Sample Civil Architect Resumes

The very first section in Civil Architect Resume generally consists of career objectives of individual. It includes your expectations from the organization in which you are going to apply for architectural job. Objective or career objective must be very catchy and concise as it is the top most part of your resume. For instance: “Looking… Read More »

16 Free Sample Senior Architect Resumes

Senior Architectural job is a technical experienced duty and totally different from that of others. Being senior they are expert in all aspects such as coordinating the communication between project manager and contractors, systematic preparation of designs, engineering drawings, dealing with managerial situations, etc. So, Senior Architect Resume should also meet with the standard of… Read More »

16 Free Sample Storage System Architect Resumes

A Storage System Architect is an expert in Computer Science or information technology who develops and maintains database systems of the organization by handling other internal departmental information using software or application. Various activities performed by Storage System Architects include using the various software tools available, maintaining the software, communicating with clients, and most importantly,… Read More »

16 Free Sample Web Application Architect Resumes

So what do Web Application Architects do? They are software developers on web servers like YouTube and other applications that involve multiple users. A Web Application Architect, therefore, requires a good resume to compete with others in the internet industry. This brings us to the question, what entails a good Web Application Architect Resume? Most… Read More »

16 Free Sample Business Architect Resumes

A Business Architect is the basic structural unit of any company or organization. A person sitting at this position basically governs i.e. manages and controls the overall functioning of the company. He is responsible for making the strategic plans and taking important decisions which will lead the company towards success and development. There are going… Read More »

16 Free Sample Application Architect Resumes

Basically an application architect is hired by the software and IT industries. The people on the post of an application architect are associated with the work of software development i.e. to mainly design and then construct a powerful application that will fulfill the requirement of the project in the best possible manner. In the Application… Read More »

16 Free Sample Bilingual Architect Resumes

A Bilingual Architect (‘bi’ means two and ‘lingual’ means language) has adequate knowledge of two languages. These two languages will be having different study aspects on various subjects based on the design features. There is a great demand of candidates for a job of Bilingual Architect but the expectations are high too. The company must… Read More »