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16 Free Sample File Clerk Resumes

File Clerks usually work in file management and maintenance within an organization. These professionals are responsible for an organized and efficient paperwork and filing system, and digitalize all important documents at the same time. File Clerks are expected to keep the files and documents up-to-date, easily accessible to the authorized people, and protect the important… Read More »

16 Free Sample Accounting Clerk Resumes

Accounting Clerks are usually unique because they in turn play very important roles in every organization. Usually they act as ‘cushions’ for the higher authorities to relax on as well as focus on other issues that encumber an organization. They prepare vendor invoices and expense bills of the organization. Their duty is to make sure… Read More »

16 Free Sample General Office Clerk Resume

The General Office Clerk Resume is similar to that of the File Clerk. For the General Office Clerk, the duties are of a broader scope. They perform a large variety of duties in general office, and some of those may consist of answering the telephone calls, directing calls, taking and distributing messages, scheduling and organizing… Read More »

16 Free Sample Data Entry Clerk Resume

The job of a Data Entry Clerk is updating the company database and inputting any new information regarding markets, suppliers, and customers. If you are looking for employment as a Data Entry Clerk, your resume has to be specific about the experience you have and your skill set regarding the designation. A Data Entry Clerk… Read More »

16 Free Sample Bookkeeping Clerk Resumes

A Bookkeeping Clerk, also known as Accounting Clerk or Auditing Clerk, is a person who keeps financial records of the organization. Since the job of a bookkeeping clerk is to add, subtract, multiply and divide many numbers on a daily basis, therefore, he or she must be able to use computers to calculate and record… Read More »