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16 Free Sample Accounting Director Resumes

Accounting Directors are the professional responsible for taking care of the general accounts of an organization. They prepare the financial reports at different intervals and provide financial services like credit, A/R, A/P. Almost all kind of organizations of any sizes need services of these professionals, no matter it is an insurance company, financial services provider… Read More »

16 Free Sample Creative Director Resumes

Creative directors play vital role in the art and entertainment industries because they are responsible to perform different activities. If you found yourself eligible for creative director job then you can land for this job after designing a creative director resume. Resume is an important tool that will help you to summarize the education and… Read More »

16 Free Sample Art Director Resumes

An Art Director is a term that is used for a range of similar job functions in advertising, publishing, television and film, the Internet, and video games. He/she may come up with the visual concepts for everything ranging from billboard advertisements to magazine layouts to videos and websites. Some of the art directors create the… Read More »

16 Free Sample Administration Director Resumes

Administration director is a person who supervises the administrative department. He is a highly qualified person. He is a responsible person. He makes different policies of the business. He also takes part in the management of business. He makes his subordinates to work efficiently and guide them in right direction. He also trains other workers.… Read More »

16 Free Sample Director of Operations Resumes

Directors of operations assist company’s managers and other managing officers. Managing officers have to deal a lot of external matters that is why they find less time to focus on individual projects. To get assistance, managements have introduced a new job that is known as Director of Operations. They are appointed to oversee all project… Read More »