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16 Free Sample Data Entry Clerk Resume

The job of a Data Entry Clerk is updating the company database and inputting any new information regarding markets, suppliers, and customers. If you are looking for employment as a Data Entry Clerk, your resume has to be specific about the experience you have and your skill set regarding the designation. A Data Entry Clerk… Read More »

16 Free Sample Entry Level Sales Resumes

A salesperson or seller is responsible for providing the goods and services to the people in response to an acquisition or to an appropriation or to a request. Since sales are the key force of every company, therefore nearly all sales jobs, such as marketing and customer services, need a salesperson to sell a product… Read More »

16 Free Sample Entry Level Customer Service Resumes

Customer service is very crucial for the success of any company that takes care of customers. He serves as the bridge between customers and the company. The job of a Customer Service Representative (CSR) is to interact with customers in order to provide them information in response to their queries about products and services. He… Read More »