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16 Free Sample Real Estate Attorney Resumes

A Real Estate Attorney is involved in all transactions of property under any organization or (real estate) agency. They oversee and deal all legal issues of the property, such as deeds, transfer of (ownership and) titles, mortgage, zoning, etc. These professionals handle all real estate sales and purchases, and make sure the compliance with current… Read More »

16 Free Sample Immigration Attorney Resumes

A person who is a lawyer cum legal advisor and supervisor, working specifically for the immigration department is called Immigration Attorney. This professional decides whether the person is native or foreign and his immigration is possible or not. Immigration area is a sensitive area. A legal and long procedure is involved with immigration. Even a… Read More »

16 Free Sample Lawyer Resumes

Here is a professionally drafted Free Sample Lawyer Resume created using MS Word to help anyone in creating his/her very own unique resume quickly. Usually Lawyer performs two types of roles; advocates and advisers.  As advocates, they represent their clients in the court and present the evidence in support of their clients. As advisers  they give advice to their… Read More »