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16 Free Sample Territory Manager Resumes

Territory managers are basically responsible for the marketing and making sales. Those who have good communication style as well as marketing skills can earn better than the rest in this profession because, territory managers are not only responsible for making sales in an industry but also for better relationship among the customers and organization. Hence,… Read More »

16 free Sample Purchase Manager Resumes

Anybody, who works mainly do this for the sake of earning thus being an employee, you should look for the opportunities where you can earn more in less time. Jobs that require management are the ones which pays more even it be at smaller offices or big organizations and industries. But, as they are the… Read More »

16 Free Sample Office Manager Resume

The job of an Office Manager is by no means easy. Office Managers are needed in every office. They conduct the day to day business of the office. To be an Office Manager, you need to have management skills. To write a good Office Manager Resume, you need to list down the skills specific to… Read More »

16 Free Sample Assistant Project Manager Resumes

The job of an Assistant Project Manager is to assist a project manager with different aspects of a project. They should help project manager’s plans, implement, and complete an assigned project. All tasks related to a project are the job of an Assistant Project Manager. The job of an Assistant Project Manager is in the… Read More »

16 Free Sample Project Manager Resumes

Writing a resume can be difficult for you when you are in the line of fresh graduates or you have taken off from the job years back and know have started again. In such case, you have to start from scratch, but that’s not a big deal you just have to collect some details about… Read More »

16 Free Sample Bank Branch Manager Resumes

When you start typing your resume for an interesting job, you follow a normal procedure. You find a format online, follow it, download it, edit it according to your requirement and send it to the company. Have you ever wondered that even though you are so skilled, and you have tried so many times, why… Read More »