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16 Free Sample Comedian Resumes

It is not an easy job being a comedian. Sure, comedians make it look effortless. But, only they know how much hard work goes into a career in comedy. Comedy is also a business after all. If you understand the way it works, you can crack it. Here, we are going to take a look… Read More »

16 Free Sample Commercial Artist Resume

The job of a Commercial Artist is to provide artistic works and designs primarily to advertising firms. They also work for media houses. They are artists with a deep understanding of the business aspect of the arts. It is a niche profession and not all artists can be successful Commercial Artists. The key is to… Read More »

16 Free Sample Choreographer Resumes

Those flawless dance performances, the best dancers and all the musical movies that have the most eloquent dancing moves, everything is perfect because of the efforts of a Choreographer behind the scene. A choreographer is a person who directs the dance, or simply Choreographer is a dance director. Any artistic group, dance workshops and institutions… Read More »

16 Free Sample Assistant Editor Resumes

Writing a resume for the post of Assistant Editor, can be a highly demanding task then writing one for any other profession, including Writer’s. Ideally, an Assistant editor is a person, who is in charge of the quality of a content, for which a stringent review procedure is applied, for checking the structure of the… Read More »