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16 Free Sample Inventory Control Specialist Resumes

Inventory Control Specialists are responsible for managing all resources of a product or organization. If you want to become Inventory Control Specialists, you first need to conclude if your skills and expertise are well-matched with the position. These professionals need to be highly organized and able to manage employer’s inventory in more effective manner. Their… Read More »

16 Free Sample Data Entry Specialist Resume

Data Entry Specialists enter information in the database of a company. They are also supposed to use different software. This may include anything from customer information to patient records, depending on the nature of their job. A Data Entry Specialist is supposed to collect information from different sources and input it in the electronic database… Read More »

16 Free Sample Creative Director Resumes

Creative directors play vital role in the art and entertainment industries because they are responsible to perform different activities. If you found yourself eligible for creative director job then you can land for this job after designing a creative director resume. Resume is an important tool that will help you to summarize the education and… Read More »

16 Free Sample Art Director Resumes

An Art Director is a term that is used for a range of similar job functions in advertising, publishing, television and film, the Internet, and video games. He/she may come up with the visual concepts for everything ranging from billboard advertisements to magazine layouts to videos and websites. Some of the art directors create the… Read More »

16 Free Sample Model Resumes

Fashion models are usually recognized by their looks and outgoing personalities. Models are usually considered as blank slates to recreate their looks with the help of hair-styling, makeup and clothing. Models walk on ramp with skills and precision according to the requirements of potential employer. If you have sound personality and attributes to become a… Read More »

16 Free Sample Training Specialist Resumes

When people want to get desired position in a specific field, they need proper guideline and help. To assist new career entrants, some people get specialized in certain fields and they provide training to the new comers and also trained the less skilled people to safeguard their positions. These specialized people are called trainers. Training… Read More »

16 Free Sample Urban Planner Resumes

Urban planning is a process of settlement and development of geographical location as cities and towns in the state. Urban planning is very wide field as the designs of city settlements and establishments are created from the smallest towns to largest cities. An urban planner is a person who is responsible to make the community’s… Read More »