16 Free Sample Project Manager Resume

By | September 22, 2017

Imagine what a resume is??? Just an outlay to mete-out for job and get tabbed in a proficient management?  But, as there would be a proportionate size of candidates pertaining to same job with, of course marvelous experience in the field and excellent resumes…. Then how are you thinking to be culled by the firm? Concerned??? Well, you got be because concerns often lead you to espy the cream for something…. Same case is with you, you are about to dive at right platform to unearth the keen information sanctioned for project manager resume.

“A Resume should be clear enough portraying each “field” clearly, even at a 6 seconds glance”.

Resume writing is more like an art. By this, you forward complete introduction of yours to someone without even coming in front of him/her. Thus, it should be impressive enough that someone get triggered to hold you in front, to judge you and to review your overall skilled attitude to be appropriate for the job. Hence, your impassioned Project manager Resume is the thing to make you beetling from the rest.

First of all, try to digest the reality that a “Resume” is not just to tell others; you are a job seeker. In fact, it shows: who you really are, thus make it impressive! Usually, heads of the organization take just a glance at the plethora of resumes before even choosing the one out of it. Therefore, our motto should be to grip that very glance so that he chooses your resume to inspect – How it would be?

well, By choosing a perfect layout for your resumes!


Black and white are out of race now people like exuberant layouts melded in tints but used with decency. So, don’t go for pinks and darkish tones rather look for better options that meld with the eyes in a better way. You have no need to go and meld each and every line of resume in tints, in fact a small coloring touch is enough as i have shown in the sample below:

Project Manager Resume-02

To download complete Templates of this Project Manager Resume, you can click the download button.


Anyhow, if you want to hold a tinting Resume while applying for a Finance Project Manager, look at the sample below:

Finance Project Manager Resume

Download it by clicking download button.

worddownloadBest Format For Resumes

The “style of writing”. I am not talking about; “what to write”- but “how to write”. Why? Because people look before starting to read. Thus, try to converse your data in a way that the reader could see through each line. Layout with jumbled phrasing’  isn’t allowed! Your CV format matters a lot; just check this example below:

Project Manager Resume- comparison

Here, I have collected, some of the good formats for Project manager Resume along with pictorial examples: take a glance and later download them if you like.

For those, who are new in the field can Hold this freshly made Assistant Project Manager Resume Template to win a Job over other candidates.

Assistant Project Manager Resume PDF Free Download

To download Assistant Project Manager Resume in PDF; click the button.


For those; who have recently completed their studies: Project Manager Resume template Sample is here:

Entry Level Project Manager Resume in MS Word

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worddownloadCategorize Each Section

Segregate each category – like for personal info, education, job experience and work experience there should be separate boxes (places). In this way, the reader can effortlessly go right through the specific details that he/she is looking for.

Here is an example of project manager CV, which you can see and check, why i am talking about to have boxes drawn for each section.


If you want to download complete Templates Project Manager / Business Analyst Resume, click the download button.


Another Sample for Project Manager kind of Resume is below:

program manager resume template

Download this program manager /PMO Director resume template by Clicking the button.

worddownloadThe Picture Used on Resumes

A monotonous trend has occurred where people think it necessary to place picture on every resume; like while applying for any job. This is not correct as some jobs require to pursuit through your outer personality while and covet actual working skills, regardless of how you look. As a project manager; your personality matters beneath to your skills so there is no need to go through the gagging experience of running behind the camera-person for a snap-shot. It is not required at all. your CV is going to look perfect without it, Check the sample below:

Professional Project Management Resume

To download this Professional Project Management Resume Click The Button.

worddownloadPhraseology of Resumes

When it comes to phrase your CV- once the manager (or anyone responsible to employ you) is impressed by your resume’s overall appearance – it’s time for you to catch his interest by the wording used in it. Try to use, precise and weighty info in it. Handpicked words dictated in sane terms is the key of wording your resume. Moreover, your words should compel your field as there is lexicon specified for each field. To understand this, term check this IT Project Manager Resume Sample below:

To download this Professional IT Project Manager Resume, click the button.


Before downloading any Resume try to check its terms, words, layout and phrases keenly! Such as;

  • Reread the material
  • Spelling and grammar check

For example check this Experience Project Management Resume sample:

Experience Project Manager Resume

Download it by clicking the button below.


Here are, some more resume samples, for different project manager jobs. You can not only see but also download them completely free of cost.

Click the Download Button to Save Template.


We have, another one Construction Project Manager Resume Sample:

Construction Project Manager Resume

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For Certified Project Managers, here is a certified Resume Sample:

Certified Project Manager Resume

Download it by clicking the button.


Those Who want to Apply as Project Management Specialist, here is there Resume Sample:

Project Management Specialist Resume

Download it by Clicking the Button.


Another sample for Project Manager Resume are given as below:

Project Manager Resume PDF

Download this Project Manager Resume in PDF form  by clicking the button.


One More Sample for Project Manager CV is here:

project manager resume sample

Download this Amazing CV template by Clicking the button given below.


Last but not the least we have;Click the button to download its template.


These templates are worth using as per your talent and requirement and I  am sure that by taking them you will be able to win a job.

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